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Showroom DealMaker. Next Level Tools for Real-Time Dealmaking

Accelerate the Closing Process

CarNow's Real-Time Retail platform now features Showroom DealMaker, a powerful solution that seamlessly merges the online and in-store shopping experiences with live transaction tools. Use Showroom DealMaker to enhance customer satisfaction and drive more sales by providing the hybrid shopping experience modern car buyers want.

The Power of Showroom DealMaker

A Consistent Experience

CarNow’s showroom tools enable dealers to offer a seamless vehicle-purchasing workflow that benefits sales teams and car buyers alike. By providing smooth transitions from online to in-store, dealers can establish consistent, efficient, and personalized processes that deliver a customized and integrated shopping experience.

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Showroom DealMaker Key Benefits

Seamless Transitions

Consumers receive a QR & numeric code, allowing a salesperson to acknowledge the work a consumer has completed online and instantly resume the process in-store.

Expedited Sales Processes

Digitally showcase relevant inventory to customers, saving the time it takes to browse the physical showroom. 

More Transparency

Provide a fast and flexible customer experience to build trust with shoppers and give them a transparent view of the process.

Single-Platform Experience

Showroom DealMaker brings the benefits of a single-platform experience to both dealership staff and car shoppers. Save time and energy, and eliminate the duplication of efforts with a streamlined platform experience. 

Present Multiple Purchase Options

Showroom DealMaker features a dynamic, real-time payment tool that can present multiple payment options and variables simultaneously.

*This solution only pushes information into Elead and Dealertrack. Additional CRMs and DMSs to come in 2024.